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About us

To my zespól kawiarnia individual najlepsza kawa ciasta i torty w krakowie

"Made by friends for friends" - that was our moto when we opened our little cafe in 2015. Fresh graduates of MA studies (specialising in English & American literature - yes, that's why our shelves in the cafe are bursting at the seams with English-language books!) decided to make their dream come true and create a cozy place where you can smell coffee right on the doorstep, and the most delicious homemade cakes are the essential foundations of the whole place.
It wasn't easy for us because we didn't know much about coffee. We only knew that it was to be remembered, like a good macaron from Paris. We were helped by the Warsaw-based JAVA COFFEE ROASTERSwith whom we started our coffee adventure and with which we continue to work! They trained us, showed us what the art of brewing the perfect espresso is, how to make latte art, and then how to pour a good drip. We have had our blend on the grinder for 5 years and it has proven itself to such an extent that we have become exclusive users of these beans! Of course, good coffee is NOTHING without good sweets. The parents of one of us have been running their own confectionery (Kokosek) for over 20 years and they are our exclusive producers of cakes and cookies. Because at the beginning it was on our display - a few without Pavlov, muffins with crumble, some eclairs and a chocolatier that customers dream at night.

Opened by friends, for friends

Of course, good coffee is NOTHING without good cake. The parents of one of us have been running their confectionery bakery for over 20 years and they are our exclusive producers of cakes and all things sweet! When we were starting out our display had a few mini Pavlova, some crumble tarts, eclairs and a chocolate cake that customers still dream about at night. Now our selection is bursting at the seams as they sell so much that we can't keep up, as our cakes are (apparently) one of the best in Krakow. They are natural, always fresh and made from the heart. In addition, they appear at special events, both larger and smaller, and are really impressive (read about them and see the photos here). In addition to coffee and cakes, we also have other wonders - sandwiches made fresh every day (our traditional cheese and ham is the most delicious roll in the world - those who've had it know!), Salads, juices, smoothies and a lot more. We are constantly enhancing our offer to satisfy even the most discerning customers. In such an industry, we know and we do not take it for granted. In 2019, we carried out a significant renovation - in line with Japanese minimalism - a lot of natural wood appeared. We also replaced the smaller tables with a large one, so that our motto would actually apply - we wanted to see everyone at one table. Like a family eating together and having a good time. Our hearts sing with joy when the cafe is filled with the buzz of laughing and full guests - oh, there is nothing better than this feeling! We would like to thank everyone for this joint adventure and may it last for many more years to come! Without you, we wouldn't be here, so thanks, see you and enjoy! Best wishes, Paulina & Ana

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